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Headgear is made to move your upper teeth back and correct your overbite. To be effective, it must be worn while you are sleeping and for 4–6 hours while you are awake; for a total of 12–14 hours each day. It does not need to be worn 14 hours straight.


How to put on your headgear:

Your headgear has a metal bow which fits into the large hole on your orthodontic bands (rings) which are on your back upper teeth. The bow is bent to fit in easily. To start, put one side of the bow in a hole at a time. The neck strap fits behind your neck and hooks on to the bow by your ears. The doctor or assistant will fit you to your bow and instruct you on which hole to wear the neck strap on.

How to remove your headgear:

First remove the neck strap by holding the wire in the front with one hand and pulling the strap off of one side with your other hand. To remove the headgear bow, (using one or two hands) inside your mouth, squeeze the bow and wiggle left and right (never up and down) until it comes out of one side. If your headgear does not come out easily, STOP and take your hands off of it and try again. Never yank on your headgear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to wear it in school or outside the house?

No! You should wear it when you are at home doing homework, watching T.V., before and after meals and while sleeping. You can wear it when you get home from school, before and after dinner, when you go to bed and after you are up in the morning.

2. Is there anything I cannot do while wearing headgear?

Yes. Do not wear it if you are running or horsing around, you can hurt yourself. Wear it only during quiet times.

3. How do I keep my headgear clean?

Your Neck Strap can be washed if you pull off the plastic holes and slip. The metal bow can be washed with soap and water.

4. Do I need to bring it in at every appointment?


5. How long do I have to wear my headgear?

You will need to wear your headgear until your overbite has been corrected. That can take as little as 6 months or as much as 2 years. Most kids wear it for about 1 year if they cooperate by not forgetting to wear the headgear.