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Welcome to Prairie Orthodontics

At Prairie Orthodontics, Dr. Michael Weinberg and our team are passionate about smiles! We’re equally as passionate about our patients, and building friendships with them while we create healthy, beautiful new smiles.

We know the difference having a great smile will make in your life: you’ll feel more confident in your appearance and more comfortable in social situations. You’ll smile and laugh with ease, never giving a second thought to how your teeth look. We love creating such positive changes in the lives of people we genuinely care about.

Some of the smile-creating services offered at Prairie Orthodontics include:

Before committing to orthodontics, it’s important you understand the process and what’s involved. It’s equally as important you find an office where you know you’ll receive excellent care from people you like. In order to decide if we’re the right orthodontist for you, please call to schedule a complimentary consultation. Prairie Orthodontics has a Gurnee orthodontic office and a Kenosha orthodontic office, serving the communities of Waukegan, Pleasant Prairie, and Round Lake.

Dr. Weinberg and our team members look forward to meeting you and working with you toward healthy, straight teeth for years of confident and beautiful smiles!